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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Reframing our minds with hacks

Some thoughts from Twitter:

Scott Adams
Here’s a reframe that will change some people’s lives forever: Your mind is the outcome of genetics, traumas and hacks.

If you don’t learn to hack (program) your own brain, the default is that you are little more than genes and traumas.
An example of a brain hack is education. It is a conscious choice to physically alter your brain via learning. Another hack is intelligent skill stacking.
Associating self-rewards with habits you want to deepen is a hack.
Learning to reframe your experiences is a hack. Learning to see reality as subjective is a hack. Learning to avoid “emotion pollution” from entertainment products is a hack.
Reframing sleep as a skill that can be learned is a hack.
Learning to put things in context is a hack. Practicing optimism is a hack.
If you make it your system (habit) to routinely learn and test new hacks, you become the author of your own mind, and — because your experience of reality is subjective — the author of your own experience.
Be the hack, not the trauma.

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Another reframe (avoiding hack): Your brain is like a computer. There's an operating system (genetics) and there are programs. Some are bloatware (culture), some are malware (trauma), some are useful programs. YOU are the admin of your brain. YOU choose what program to run.

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You were divinely created by God. Call it what you will, but the God of the Bible is sovereign and can do more than hack your brain, which he created.

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I like the truth better. Your mind is a universal explainer. Capable of overcoming, genetics, traumas and hacks, and everything else

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The second brain (enteric nervous system, separate from cranial/spinal nervous system) also informs our state of mind. "A big part of our emotions are influenced by the nerves in our gut."

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