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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

opening a new system

 Fascinating observation here:

Here's another of his teachings, and it explains a lot:

"From the journal of Oliver B. Huntington, referring to the Prophet Joseph Smith:

"I heard him say that he hoped the spirit of invention and improvement would rest upon the Saints, as it was upon the Gentiles, for unless it did there would many useful and important inventions be lost to the world when the great destruction of nations comes. It would then probably take hundreds of years to reproduce them again among men; yes, and perhaps thousands of years before they would get back upon the earth.

It has been and will be the case that a man who develops or opens a new system for the benefit of his fellow man or mankind will meet with the opposition and enmity of the very people he is seeking to bless and improve. "It is the same," he said, "with men whom God inspires to make inventions, improvements and discoveries for the improvement of man generally, geographically or classic. They will be opposed and persecuted by the ones their works are designed to benefit and bless. Satan will oppose everything that God introduces among men for the purpose of elevating and improving His children."

Oliver B. Huntington, "Sayings of the Prophet Joseph Smith," Young Woman's Journal 4, no. 7 (April 1893): 321.

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