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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

The Church in NZ - South Island

Although we're staying on the South Island, the big news from New Zealand is the flooding in Auckland and other parts of the North Island. Just Serve is organizing assitance.

Other news involves the rededication of the Hamilton temple in October.

We attended a delightful ward here in Dunedin last Sunday. They had two confirmations of new adult converts. The missionaries told us these were the first such baptisms in that ward in many years. The ward also had "Soup Sunday" after church during which everyone shared a lunch of soup and bread. Just an overall awesome experience.

The chapel houses two wards. It's on a hillside overlooking the city.

The Dunedin stake was created in April 2016 and covers the southern part of the South Island. The Dunedin District had been created back in 1892. 

In NZ overall, the average membership per unit is 508, which includes about 177 wards and 51 branches. The ward we attended had about 100 people in attendance, and the missionaries told us this was higher than usual because of the confirmations. We've attended other branches here in NZ with fewer than 20 members, which gives us an idea of the activity rates.

There are 6 wards and at least 2 branches in the stake. Here are photos of the branch in Queenstown.

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