The prevalence of a spirit of contention amongst a people is a certain sign of deadness with respect to the things of religion. When men's spirits are hot with contention, they are cold to religion. - Jonathan Edwards “The Book of Mormon does not supplant the Bible. It expands, extends, clarifies, and amplifies our knowledge of the Savior. Surely, this second witness should be cause for great rejoicing by all Christians.” - Joseph B. Wirthlin

Friday, September 23, 2022

Me in the Liahona

There is a lot of room for reaching consensus with fellow Christians who are not Latter-day Saints. 

The Book of Mormon is God's gift to the entire world. Regardless of any individual's religious beliefs, the Book of Mormon will bless lives because it is evidence of God's involvement with all people everywhere throughout history, and because the teachings of the Book of Mormon will being people closer to God.

After all, the purpose of the Book of Mormon, set out in the Title Page, says nothing about joining any church. Naturally, people join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to make covenants, but to the extent the book brings people closer to Christ, it blesses lives.

Which is to show unto the remnant of the house of Israel what great things the Lord hath done for their fathers; and that they may know the covenants of the Lord, that they are not cast off forever—And also to the convincing of the Jew and Gentile that Jesus is the Christ, the Eternal God, manifesting himself unto all nations

(Title Page, 2)


The French (European) edition of the October Liahona magazine published an article by my friend Gabriel Mourier about our visit with Baptist minister Lynn Ridenhour in 2019. 

Here is the original French article.

The translated version:

The print version has photos (see below).

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