The prevalence of a spirit of contention amongst a people is a certain sign of deadness with respect to the things of religion. When men's spirits are hot with contention, they are cold to religion. - Jonathan Edwards “The Book of Mormon does not supplant the Bible. It expands, extends, clarifies, and amplifies our knowledge of the Savior. Surely, this second witness should be cause for great rejoicing by all Christians.” - Joseph B. Wirthlin

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Reality is neutral

 From twitter:

Interesting comparison to the M2C citation cartel:


"Reality is neutral. Our reactions reflect back & create our world. Judge, & feel separate and lonely. Anger, & lose peace of mind. Cling, & live in anxiety. Fantasize, & miss the present. Desire, & suffer until you have it. Heaven & hell are right here, right now."

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