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Friday, March 11, 2022

BYU-Pathway inauguration

Maybe it's because I'm a Pathway missionary myself, but I'm particularly enthusiastic about the BYU-Pathway program. Last night they inaugurated President Ashton in a event every Latter-day Saint should watch or at least read about. This is how we build Zion in our day, as I've mentioned on my Zion blog several times.

You can watch the inauguration here:

Or read this article:

Elder Holland explained:

“I consider the creation of BYU–Pathway Worldwide to be the most important and most far-reaching development in the Church Educational System of this Church since the creation of seminaries and institutes of religion over a century ago.”

The article continues:

After emphasizing BYU–Pathway’s mission to made education more accessible across the globe and all economic levels, President Ashton said the Church’s education institutions need to increase awareness of BYU–Pathway, allow its operating model to be scalable for whatever size is needed, continue to seek to decrease costs, provide scholarships to meet needs, and offer mentorships.

Other needs include overcoming technological barriers, exploring non-English avenues, simplifying application and endorsement processes, shortening time to graduation and helping students more effectively prepare for jobs.

“As we build disciple leaders and make the blessings of education available and affordable to more of God’s children — thus bringing the Holy Ghost more fully into their lives — we will assist in filling the world with truth and light and help bring an increasing number of the willing hearted and their families to Christ,” he said.

Another article in the Deseret News offered additional info. For example, "BYU-PW is rolling out its programs in 10 new countries and territories this year — Bahrain, Burundi, Hong Kong, Macau, Mali, Morocco, Nepal, RĂ©union, South Korea and Taiwan.

Last year, 64% of the PathwayConnect students lived outside the U.S. and Canada. Meanwhile, Americans and Canadians made up 64% of the online degree students."

(The countries in bold I've visited and/or worked in, so I'm particularly interested in those.)

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